'From Small Beginnings...:'

Addressing the continuing shadows of eugenics- Bloomsbury











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A cross-institutional and inter-disciplinary series of presentations and workshops exploring the history and continuing influences of the development of eugenics.

The location of this series of events being focused around Bloomsbury emphasises the historic role of different London universities, in the development and promotion of eugenics and in ongoing discussions of how we address this legacy today. The series will explore the interaction of disability with religion, social class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., highlighting reflections and lessons for us all. Current social, political and scientific developments make consideration of and education around these themes more urgent than ever. Recognition of the origins of some extreme practices of eugenics in subtle shifts of emphasis and interpretation gives the series its title and warning.

Current or Upcoming Events...


Nazi Medicine on Trial at Nuremberg: from Victims to Witnesses to the Nuremberg Code

Talk by Prof. Paul Weindling and Dr. Aleksandra Loewenau  

19th November - 6pm (Recording of event here)

The University of Law, Bloomsbury



Walking Tour Podcast of UCL's Eugenic Past

Subhadra Das (UCL Cultures)

All Year Round

TBC, Birkbeck College

Tickets released soon!

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What does Aktion T4 teach us about Equality today? 

Reflections by Lord Shinkwin and Olivia Marks-Woldman



Series supported by...


NADSN London Hub

Birkbeck College, University of London

UoLDOG : University of London (colleges) Disability Officers Group


Benedict Ipgrave (Programme Curator)