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Eugenic Legacies across the Pacific Islands
- an online symposium -
15th-16th November (HST / PT / MST / CST / EST Timings)

16th-17th November (AEDT and SBT / MHT / NZDT timings)

Pacific poster 15th and 16th.jpg

“WE ARE EQUAL IN THE VĀ.... The concept of vā in certain Polynesian cultures is that of a “space between” that connects by dissolving or integrating borders that separate humans from each other. There is no racism in this sacred and spiritual space. Instead, in this space of potential, creativity, and wonder, we become conscious that we are all interconnected and that we are each other. Like water, fluidity connects us all to each other in the vā. Is this a model for humanity as we seek equality for all?” Vilsoni Hereniko

This 2-day online symposium will surface and explore the long and ongoing legacies of eugenics and anti-eugenics in the Pacific through the themes of reproductive justice, disability, anthropology and repatriation, arts and culture and environmental justice, with the aim of inviting scholars, activists and artists from across the Pacific and beyond, to consider how we might imagine building an anti-eugenic future together.

You can find full programme at the following link... - click here 

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