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Eugenic Legacies across the MENA


Eugenic Legacies across Latin America

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Eugenics in South Korean Biomedicine

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Battling Eugenics: Debate and Rise of Opposition in Science and Culture

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CEU - Otto-Wagner-Areal ‘Am Steinhof’

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Eugenic Legacies in Japan: Revelations, Reparations and Representation



We Are Not Alone exhibition


Dismantling Eugenics: Anti-Centennial of the Second Congress

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Legacies of Eugenics in New England


Eugenic thinking in Australia: An Anti-Eugenics Centennial


Regional Reflections on Eugenics: Mid-West Convening


Eugenic Legacies in Mexico and the Americas


India's Eugenic Past, Present and Futures


Historical and Modern Perspectives on Eugenics in the US South


Legacies of Eugenics in Canada


Eugenics in California and the World


The Legacy of Eugenics in Scandinavia


Eugenic Legacies Transnational Education Working Group

 Legacies of Eugenics across the Middle East and North Africa 

 26th October 2022 

 A virtual symposium hosted by Oxford Brookes University  

 Organised by Benedict Ipgrave (UCL) and Elise Burton (University of Toronto) 

 Symposium in English 

 Legacies of Eugenics across Latin America 

 October 12th and 13th 2022  

 A 2 day online conference hosted by UC Santa Barbara 

 Organised by Benedict Ipgrave and Miroslava Chavez-Garcia (UC Santa Barbara) 

 Conference in English, Spanish and Portuguese 

 Eugenics in South Korean Biomedicine: The Past and the Present

 April 29th 2022

 A virtual workshop hosted by the Korean Society of Medical History 

 Organised by Jaehwan Hyun (Pusan National University) and Jiyoung Park  (Inje University) 

 Workshop in Korean 

 Battling Eugenics: Debates and The Rise of Opposition in Science and Culture 

 April 26th-27th 2022  

 An international hyrbid conference hosted by Warsaw University 

 Organised by Ewa Luczak (Warsaw University) and Joanna Ziarkowska (Warsaw  University) 

 Conference in English and Polish  

 Race, Science and Eugenics in East Central Europe in the 19th and 20th  aCenturies 

 Nov 2nd and 3rd 2021  

 A 2-day hybrid conference hosted by Central European University 

 Organised by Emese Lafferton (CEU) 

 Conference in English 

 Eugenic Legacies in Japan:  Revelations, Reparations, and Representation 

 1st Nov 2021  

 An online panel discussion hosted by Tokyo University 

 Organised by Mark Bookman (Tokyo University) 

 Panel in English and Japanese 

 We Are Not Alone: 1921-2021, A Century of Eugenics exhibition 

 September 21st 2021 - today  

 A travelling exhibition hosted by Confront Eugenics 

 Curated by Marius Turda (Oxford Brookes University) 

 Exhibition held in English, Polish, Romanian and Swedish 

 Dismantling Eugenics: Legacies, Reckonings and Futures 

 26th September – 2nd October 2021  

 A week-long virtual conference hosted by AMNH and The Anti-Eugenics Project 

 Organised by Jack Tchen (Rutgers University) and Benedict Ipgrave (UCL) 

 Conference conducted in English and Spanish 

 Legacies of Eugenics in New England 

 September 22nd, October 19th, November 16th 2021  

 An 3-day online conference hosted by the Hutchins Centre, Harvard University 

 Organisers S Blier, M Bryant, C Galarneau, N Groce, Hammonds, D HoSang,  Ipgrave, N Kofler 

 Conference conducted in English 

 Eugenic Thinking in Australasia: An Anti-Eugenics Centennial 

 September 3rd/2nd - 10th/9th and 14th/13th, 2021 

 3 online panel discussions hosted the University of Western Australia 

 Organised by Rob Wilson (UWA) and Jane Lydon (UWA) 

 Panels conducted in English 

 Regional Reflections on Eugenics: Mid-West Convening 

 3rd September 2021 

 An online panel discussion hosted by the University of Illinois 

 Organised by Natalie Lira (U. Illinois), Nicole Novak (Iowa U) and Katie O'Connor (Michigan U) 

 Panel conducted in English  

 Eugenic Legacies in Mexico and the Americas 

 11th – 12th August 2021 

 An online 2 day colloquium hosted by 17' Instituto, Mexico City 

 Organised by Susan Antebi (University of Toronto) 

 Colloquium conducted in Spanish and English 

 India's Eugenic Past, Presents and Futures 

 30th July and 9th August 2021  

 Two online panel discussions hosted by University of Massachusetts, Amherst 

 Organised by Asha Nadkarni (UMass) and Banu Subramaniam (UMass) 

 Panels conducted in English 

 Historical and Modern Perspectives on Eugenics in the U.S. South 

 17th June, 14th July, 21st August 2021  

 3 webinars hosted across the Research Triangle 

 Organised by Anna Krome-Lukens (UNC), Ed Larson (Pepperdine), Karin Zipf (East Carolina U) 

 Webinars conducted in English 

 Legacies of Eugenics in Canada 

 15th June 2021  

 An online symposium hosted by the University of Saskatchewan 

 Organised by Erika Dyck (University of Saskatchewan) 

 Symposium conducted in English  

 Eugenics in California and the World: Race, Class, Gender/Sexuality and  Disability 

 4-5th June, 2021 

 An online symposium hosted by the University of California 

 Organised by Miroslava Chavez-Garcia (UC Santa Barbara) and Susan Schweik (UC Berkeley) 

 Symposium conducted in English 

 The Legacy of Eugenics in Scandinavia: The impact of Swedish Race Biology on the Sami and Tornedalians 

 27th May, 2021 

 An online panel discussion hosted by University College London 

 Organised by Jakob Stougaard-Nielson (UCL) 

 Panel conducted in English 

 Eugenic Legacies Transnational Education Working Group 

 January 2021 onwards 

 An online discussion group 

 Organised by Benedict Ipgrave (UCL) and Milton Reynolds (Center for Genetics and Society) 

 Discussions conducted in English and one discussion in English and Spanish 

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