French Eugenics in the age of Empire

This seminar will invite participants from a range of disciplines pertinent to the exploration of eugenics in the French colonial empire (e.g. history of science, history of medicine, colonial history, history of art, literary and cinema studies, demography, statistics) and different types of institutions(universities and specialist research centres, museums, libraries, archives) based primarily, but not exclusively, in France, to contribute their expertise (in oral and/or written form) and relevant materials(e.g. digitised texts, images, artefacts) to:

- A. A rolling seminar series conducted from late Spring to Autumn 2021 (thus coinciding with the key event of ‘A Decade of Progress in (Addressing) Eugenics’ in September 2021), and...

- B. A teaching pack resource designed for A-Level students of French (in the first instance), with the possible production of an English-language version for students in History.

- C. A possible permanent resource for teaching and research, in the form of a bilingual (French English) website on which videos of events, podcasts, and other digital materials can be stored for posterity and potential development.

Spearheaded by Louise Lyle (ULIP) and Sophie L. Watt (Sheffield University)

Series supported by...


NADSN London Hub

Birkbeck College, University of London

UoLDOG : University of London (colleges) Disability Officers Group


Benedict Ipgrave (Programme Curator)