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Lives unworthy of life? Disability Pride versus Eugenics

Talk by Prof. Tom Shakespeare FBA

- Birkbeck Staff Disability Network, Birkbeck School of Law and Pears Institute for the study of Antisemitism

Podcast of the event can be found on the following link



Walking Tour Podcast of UCL's Eugenic Past

Subhadra Das (UCL Cultures)

All Year Round


William Beveridge and Social Biology at the LSE

- Chris Renwick (Department of History, University of York)

Chris Renwick spoke on the history of sociology in Britain and why William Beveridge was interested in the role of biology within social science in the 1920s and 30s on 5 November 2019. Listen to a recording of his talk and his presentation.

Nazi Medicine on Trial at Nuremberg: from Victims to Witnesses to the Nuremberg Code

Talk by Prof. Paul Weindling and Dr. Aleksandra Loewenau  

The University of Law, Bloomsbury

Passcode: J.g5hC0y


More to follow shortly

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