Programme Itinerary

The Legacy of Eugenics in Scandinavia: The impact of Swedish Race Biology on the Sami and Tornedalians.

27th May, Hosted virtually by University College London

A panel spearheaded by Jakob Stougaard-Nielson looking at eugenics' legacies and impact upon the Sami and Tornedalian community.

Eugenics in California and the World: Race, Class, Gender/Sexuality and Disability.

4-5th June, Symposium hosted virtually by the University of California

A Californian virtual symposium looking at how state institutions of higher learning, health care, and government promoted, sustained, and mainstreamed eugenics via educational, medical, and public contexts across California. Part of the Californian Eugenics Legacies Project, spearheaded by Miroslava Chavez Garcia, Susan Schweik and Bradley Hart.

Legacies of Eugenics in Canada.

15th June. Hosted virtually by University of Saskatchewan.

A virtual Canadian reflection bringing together scholars across Canada and spearheaded by Erika Dyck looking at addressing the legacies of eugenics within a Canadian context.


Historical and Modern Perspectives on Eugenics in the U.S. South.

17th June, 14th July and 13th August, Hosted virtually across Research Triangle

A Southern reflection, looking at the legacies of eugenics within a Southern context, spearheaded by Edward Larson, Karin Zipf and Anna Krome-Lukens that will consist of three monthly webinars, hosted across the Research Triangle. 

Indian reflection: Eugenics past and futures.

30th July and 9th August. Hosted virtually by University of Massachusetts.

A couple of panels spearheaded by Asha Nadkarni and Banu Subramaniam, that will be organized sessions around the various histories of eugenics in India and their afterlives today.

Eugenic Legacies in Mexico and the Americas.

11th – 12th August, Hosted virtually by 17’ Institute in Mexico City.

A Mexican reflection to be held at the 17' Institute in Mexico City on August 10-11, and spearheaded by Susan Antebi, looking at the legacies of eugenics within a Mexican context, as well as more broadly at Latin America eugenics in general.

Regional Reflections on Eugenics: Mid-West Convening.

3rd September.

A Mid-West reflection, spearheaded by Natalie Lira, Nicole Novak and Katie O'Connor of the Sterilization and Social Justice Lab. A series of in person panel discussions around eugenics in the Mid-West, each panel around a particular theme. These events will also be showcasing the new release of sterilization case findings in the states of Michigan and Iowa, currently being researched by the Sterilization and Social Justice Lab. 

New England Legacies of Eugenics reflection.

September TBC 

Spearheaded by Michael Bryant, Charlene Galarneau, Evelynn Hammonds, Daniel HoSang, Natalie Kofler, Hanna Marcus, Nora Groce and Suzanne Blier, looking at multiple threads of exploring the legacies of eugenics within New England. These reflections will be broadcast in a virtual event hosted by Harvard University, and will be mapped onto accompanying virtual exhibition 

French Eugenics in the age of Empire.

September -  (Dates TBC), hosted virtually by University of London, Paris and University of Sheffield

Consisting of a podcast series followed by a rolling seminar series of 4-6 webinars across the year hosted by different Parisian institutions, looking at the often overlooked/hidden French eugenics and its legacies colonially, spearheaded by Louise Lyle and Sophie L. Watt. The seminar series will produce a teaching pack and a permanent resource for teaching and research in the form of a bilingual website.

Bloomsbury Addressing Eugenics Citizen’s Assembly

27th September - 3rd October, Hosted by the The Weiner Library, London.

The London reflection, organised by the Bloomsbury Eugenics Congress Anti-Centennial Steering Group, that will be taking the four subject headings of the original congress to explore how to go about addressing and selling anti-eugenics. Ultimately the reflection will go conclude with an Addressing Eugenics Citizens Assembly, producing a shared statement of intent for how we take this important work forward, locally and internationally.

Anti- ‘Eugenics Congress’ Conference.

27th September – 6th October, AMNH, New York.

The New York reflection, spearheaded in partnership between Jack Tchen and Benedict Ipgrave will take place on the 24th Sep – 4rd Oct at the American Museum of Natural History and across London and New York. Currently the Anti-Eugenics Centennial Organising Committee, chaired by Rick West Jnr, Judith Heumann, Darren Walker and Lonnie Bunch, are meeting to discuss with AMNH the best way of marking this moment.

Battling Eugenics: Debates and The Rise of Opposition in Science and Culture. International Symposium.

18th-19th October, Hosted by Warsaw University.

A Polish reflection consisting of a two day conference on October 18-19, spearheaded by Ewa Luczak and Joanna Ziarkowska, and hosted by Warsaw University, bringing together international scholars from across the world, in person or virtually, to look at the international implications of eugenics.

Eugenic Legacies in Japan:  Revelations, Reparations, and Representation.

Oct 2021 (Date TBC)

A panel, spearheaded by Mark Bookman reflecting on the preparation, execution, and immediate aftermath of the games in relation to eugenic histories and futurities in Japan.

We Are Not Alone: 1921-2021, A Century of Eugenics exhibition.

September 2021 – Spring 2022, London, Warsaw, Bucharest, Cluj, Research Triangle, and Bay Area.

An exhibition curated by Marius Turda, with support from Subhadra Das and Benedict Ipgrave, to be hosted by the Weiner Holocaust Library in London, around events marking the centenary, but also will be traveling to multiple locations hosting regional reflections.

Eugenic Legacies Transnational Education Working Group.

January 2021 – September 2021, online.

Addressing the legacies of eugenics in education. Spearheaded in partnership by Benedict Ipgrave and Milton Reynolds, this group will bring together a group of international educators with the main aim of the group to determine what are the most appropriate and effective ways to address the legacies of eugenics within our education system, and with an end goal of a collective proposal around achieving this, that will be showcased and discussed with other events around marking the centenary of the Congress.

Critical Eugenics Review journal.

Release Date TBC

A transnational, transhemipheric journal, Critical Eugenics Review will emphasize how far eugenics has influenced and infiltrated our way of life. Spearheaded by Benedict Ipgrave and Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, this journal will cast a broad net of exploration across many sources where eugenics is explicitly or implicitly prevalent today, in order to address the underlying eugenics philosophy that directly or implicitly connects them all.