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This blog is a collection of different posts regarding key anti-eugenic reckoning moments. Such moments have been happening since eugenics itself was coined - however the list takes the anti-centennial of the Second Congress in late September 2021, and the 'Decade of progress in anti-eugenics' as a starting marker. It is important to note that these articles often reflect the work of years and years, and sometimes decades, of the conviction and hard work of people determined to bring eugenics and its perpetrators to justice.

The list is nowhere near to being a complete list, and many of the important moments are not recorded. We very much encourage you to send through to any other articles outlining reckoning moments that you feel people should know about.

The views expressed in these articles do not necessarily reflect the views of From Small Beginnings.​

A Decade of Progress in Anti-Eugenics
Latest Anti-Eugenics News

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