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July 1st, 5-6pm, Institute of Education
 ‘Then and Now: UCL, Eugenics

and Aktion T4'

Dr. Tom Haward (Institute of Education)
















This workshop is designed to showcase the launch of a new teaching resource for secondary school teachers. The resource invites investigation into the connections between the history of the Aktion T4 program, the development of the pseudo-scientific thinking that lent it credence, and the role that universities, not just in Germany, such as UCL, and eugenic theorists such as Francis Galton, played within this. It makes use of a variety of contemporary and archival sources chosen to invite reflection on how today universities such as UCL remember their connections with a past that some believe they might wish to forget. Although aimed specifically at educators, this workshop provides a hands-on, interactive experience for any members of the university and public interested in issues of science, truth, memory, education and the place of the disabled in society then and now.


Institute for Holocaust Education, Institute of Education

This is a free but ticketed event.

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